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Einstein Alive is a school assembly program that blends science, history and entertainment. Among other accolades, it has been called “a marvelous science presentation,” explaining “complicated theories in an age-appropriate and extremely entertaining way.”

The show successfully introduces the Theory of Relativity to middle school students, and is also able to present the subject in such an entertaining and engaging fashion that it captivates elementary grade students (and the adults in the audience) as well.

Elementary students as young as kindergarten will clearly understand…
• what the term relative means
• how relativity relates to motion
• how things move and what friction is
• the importance of curiosity and determination
• the great contributions of Einstein to science

The Middle School program starts with the concepts above and then goes into greater depth. Some topics include…
• the significance of the speed of light
• what is electromagnetic radiation
• What is special about the Special Theory of Relativity

For a complete list of what the show covers, see the What Does the Show Teach? page on this website.

In Einstein Alive, Marc Spiegel becomes a warm, vivid and uncannily realistic Albert Einstein appealing to children and adults of all ages.

Professor Einstein speaks of his life and guides the audience through the adventures in his mind.

School audiences are treated to…
• exciting on-stage demonstrations of relative motion with audience volunteers
• unforgettable sing-along songs illustrating fundamental concepts
• a show full of spontaneous and humorous interaction capped off with a lively Q & A session
• the creative and unique character of Albert Einstein.

Einstein will be performing at the USA Science & Engineering Fesitval on the National Mall in Washington DC along with many other exciting science events. October 23 & 24 2010. Einstein will perform at Wilson Plaza on October 23 at 12:50 pm & on The National Mall Stage on October 24 at 11:30. For more information about this exceptional festival, log on to: http://www.usasciencefestival.org/2010festival/expo