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The philosophy behind Einstein Alive! is that students learn best when it is fun—and science is easier to understand with clear physical demonstrations. Learn Einstein’s theories from his unique, personal perspective.

Einstein Alive! is a dynamic and often spontaneous science show that keeps the full audience participating.
Roll your mouse over the picture to see Einstein performing The Push-Pull Song.

Don’t miss. . . the Songs
The Push-Pull Song
(That’s how things move around!) —the song that middle school audience members fondly remember from when they saw the kindergarten show years before. And the song that teachers often find themselves humming on the way out of the auditorium.
Physics with a “Ph” not an “F”
—not only a spelling lesson, but also an elementary introduction to the main subjects of physics: matter & energy.
• Also. . .The Speed of Light,
Relative, Relative, Relative, and
Your Frame of Reference.

Don’t miss. . . the Participation
• You may get chance to ride on the Relative Motion Machine —it shows how you can be moving and sitting still at the same time depending on your Frame of Reference.
Students become experimental physicists as they measure time & distance in relative motion and discover the great puzzle caused by the constant speed of light.
Einstein anwers your questions!
Students and teachers speak with Einstein as he answers both “reasonable & unreasonable questions.” Einstein is informative, friendly and always entertaining!

Einstein will be performing at the USA Science & Engineering Fesitval on the National Mall in Washington DC along with many other exciting science events. October 23 & 24 2010. Einstein will perform at Wilson Plaza on October 23 at 12:50 pm & on The National Mall Stage on October 24 at 11:30. For more information about this exceptional festival, log on to: http://www.usasciencefestival.org/2010festival/expo