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Albert Einstein (aka Marc Spiegel) and Christopher Andersen have every reason to get excited. Spiegel starred in, and Andersen directed, a 14-minute APS-produced video,“Einstein's Miracle Year,” that was distributed to thousands of middle-school classrooms in 2005 and 2006.

The video was awarded a coveted CINE Golden Eagle award (clutched in Spiegel's right hand) in the non-telecast children's entertainment and education category in the Spring 2006 competition. APS originally produced the video to accompany the PhysicsQuest project kits during the World Year of Physics, but the video proved so popular that copies were distributed independently the following year as well.

Other recipients of CINE Golden Eagles in past years have included Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Martin Scorsese, and Ken Burns.

See the video Einstein's Miracle Year starring Marc Spiegel!
Albert Einstein made some of his greatest contributions to Physics (including the Special Theory of Relativity) in 1905. The American Physical Society sponsored an exciting video demonstrating these discoveries. It can be seen on line here.
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