What Does the Show Teach/  
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The elementary school program teaches…
• How things move.
• What relative means and how it relates to motion.
• What is matter & energy and how they are connected.
• What is a frame of reference and why it is so important.
• Introduction to the Theory of Relativity.

The middle & high school programs discuss all of the above in more detail plus…
• What is speed?
Electromagnetic radiation
• The constant speed of light & the great puzzle of relativity.
• What is special about the Special Theory of Relativity?
• What is a theoretical physicist? What is an experimental physicist?
• The important role of observation, measurement and imagination.
Study Guides are sent in advance of school programs.

Einstein discusses...
• The development of the understanding of motion.
• His life and his fame.
• His love of playing the violin.
• What education was like in Germany when he was young.
• His difficulties in school.

Einstein explains and illustrates his use of “thought experiments” and how he succeeded:
     I was not successful because I had more knowledge than anyone else, but because I was able to imagine certain things, about which everyone else already knew, that others had not yet considered.

Einstein discusses the value of curiosity & determination:
    If I had a gift, it was not that I was more intelligent than others, but rather that I was more curious than the average person. And I was determined. I would never give up on a problem no matter how long it took me until I found some understanding…

Einstein will be performing at the USA Science & Engineering Fesitval on the National Mall in Washington DC along with many other exciting science events. October 23 & 24 2010. Einstein will perform at Wilson Plaza on October 23 at 12:50 pm & on The National Mall Stage on October 24 at 11:30. For more information about this exceptional festival, log on to: http://www.usasciencefestival.org/2010festival/expo